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  20. Hi Guy – I actually never read Portney's Complaint but it is next on my list of Roth books.Though I do think that the it would be best to read the earlier Zuckerman books first, in my opinion those are great books in their own right and worth the read. I would say that if one does not like those, then one is not likely to like this one.

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  22. Ooh you managed to nab the KW Resort boat pants – nice one! I remember going into KW Wgtn a week or so after the Resort collection came out, and there was pretty much nothing left

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  29. Mark,That also could be interpreted as proof that as we get older we get more cynical about the latest “The world is gonna end!” theory as we have seen it all before.

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  44. RE: NJ and pizzaThere’s a place in Secaucus called Il Forno which has the best Sicilian pie this side of the Hudson river. I compliment the pizza maker every time I stop in on my way through the meadowlands. For context, I’m familiar with most of the joints in Bensonhurst and Coney Island. One time, I brought a Sicilian pie with me to a superbowl party and people were asking me about it two superbowls later.On the other end of the spectrum, the worst pizza I’ve ever had was in the Berkshires. Far worse than pizza I had in eastern Europe.

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  46. ça avait l’air super!Moi non plus, je n’aime pas franchement les fêtes du réveillon…Je sens que je vais me sentir bien chez toi 😉

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  58. Après l’effort : Le ski de fondue Savoyarde…Tremper son morceau de pain avec ses skis dans le fromageLa descente à ski en remonte penteLa descente de vin chaud avec planté de bâton (hommage aux Bronzés )

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  118. Shelley,We had the same stink from our front load washer. Our problem was COMPLETELY solved when we switched to powder detergent, meant for high efficiency washers. If you haven’t tried that yet, save yourself some trouble! The downside is that I haven’t yet found an environmentally friendly powder for high efficiency washers. Good luck and remember to breathe today. -Theresa

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